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O, This Day, How long is it that we have waited for this moment.Today, we are at this moment, after persevering so long in the long tunnel of darkness, about to take the first step into the world of bright light.

Looking back, we, the government employees in the civil service, have, for the last fifty odd years, stood at the beckoning of the powerful and the capital, to do as their bidding, meek to receive whatever they gave.

In the eyes of the people, we were the lackeys of the regime in power, object of anger and rebuke as the agent of graft and corruption, and a tool for the powerful in their machination to perpetuate their power.

Every time of change in the government, we were served up as the sacrificial lamb in the new government's thrive for legitimacy, to suffer their sword of clean-up campaign.
Even while every group of people in the country came forward to make their declaration and to mobilise their energy to win back what is theirs by justice, we remained submissive and silent, trapped in the special status of power within the state system.

Now we won't, however, do long remain retarded in the history of submission.
The Korean Government Employees Union, which comes solemnly out to the world despite all the obstruction and repression, shall win back our legitimate name as workers that has been taken away in the past by the military dictatorial regimes, and participate in the democratic labour movement as workers, and take the first steps to contribute to the development of history.

We shall rebuild the civil service, that has been usurped by the powerful and the rich, on proper foundations. We shall bring about the renewal of the civil service, that has been tainted with years of graft and corruption, from within, to stand proudly as a responsible force for building a country and society where common sense and justice are restored to their rightful place.

So, we declare to the world, in the name of 900,000 workers in the civil service that Korean Government Employees Union, that will join in the effort to right the world and to stand the country in the good stead, has been formed.

March 23, 2002

Korean Government Employees' Union


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