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KGEU calls for rooting out the accumulated evils of the past regime
  date : 2017/05/15 hit : 503

Korean Government Employees Union (KGEU) held a press conference in front of the Government Complex-Seoul at 11:00 May 15th 2017.


KGEU urged new President Moon Jae-in to carry out his pledges regarding legalisation of KGEU, reinstatement of 136 dismissed workers, abolition of performance-related pay and termination system, and guarantee of political basic rights of the public officials.


In addition, KGEU called for abolishing the accumulated evils of the past regime such as the deployment of THAAD, the imprisonment of KCTU president Han, anti-worker government measures and the chaebol (conglomerate) system.


Kim Ju-up, president of KGEU, said "the previous regimes have suppressed KGEU. but Moon government must keep its promises to the people at the time of election. KGEU will fight to realise these and commit ourselves to the general strike with Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) in June."


The leadership of KGEU has begun to stage a sit-down demonstration in front of the Government Complex-Seoul after the press conference.


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