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ITUC Genaral Secretary Burrow visits to Korea, she asks for full basic labour rights
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Kim Ju-up, President of Korean Government Employees Union(KGEU) called on Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of International Trade Unions Confederation(ITUC), to urge the Korean government to raise a serious question so that full basic labour rights should be guaranteed to public officials and teachers.

At a meeting with Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU) on 29 May 2017, president Kim expressed his appreciation for solidarity and support of ITUC to General Secretary Burrow and informed that the issue of notifying the establishment of KGEU and ensuring of fundamental labour rights should be urgently resolved. 

"I am well aware of the labour oppression of the KGEU and Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union(KTU)," Burrow said. "ITUC are also interested in the situation of KGEU and KTU.", "Public Services International(PSI) has also set a priority on guaranteeing the freedom of association for Korean civil servants and teachers.", "We will discuss with the international industrial union groups the visit of International Labour Delegation to Korea for solidarity.

At the meeting, the KCTU called on General Secretary Burrow to urge Korean Government to approve ILO core conventions such as guaranteeing basic labour rights of civil servants and teachers promised by Moon Jae-in Administration and ensuring the right to organise of indirectly and specially employed workers, and release of KCTU president Han Sang-gyun, and the acceptance of the negotiation between labour and government.


“We are lots of inspired by the struggles of Korean workers," Burrow said. "We expect the new government, which has entered by the candlelight protests, to play a positive role for workers' rights." In particular, she said, "We must end the model of low-wage precarious work in the era of globalisation that suppresses the people for 1%. We will be is solidarity with the KCTU and Korean workers to dismantle the chaebol-centered society."


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