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Solidarity letter to NEHAWU for its 10th National Congress
062413 Solidarity message for the 10th NEHAWU National Congress.docx date : 2013/06/27 hit : 3325

[Solidarity message for the 10th NEHAWU National Congress]



Greetings and apology from Korean Government Employees’ Union (KGEU) President Kim, Jungnam on behalf of 140,000 members


First of all I apologize that I can’t join to celebrate the 10th NEHAWU National Congress, which is the first National congress after conclusion of MOU, due to our ongoing struggle for labour rights including Recognition KGEU and reinstatement 135 dismissed KGUE members.


Public sector trade union rights have been attacked for long time and the repression has been even tougher since global economy crisis in 2008.


International institutes such as World Bank, IMF have pulled strings for capital by spreading neo-liberalism and restructuring and majority of governments have been cutting public spending, which led to poor public services and workforce reduction.


Social polarization due to income inequality has been intensified.

Public services mean more than ever for fair society. Thus fundamental labour rights of public sector workers, who are in charge of quality public services, are even more important.


I know that both of our confederations, KCTU and COSATU, have been working together in SIGTUR to strengthen south-south solidarity.


As public sector trade unions in SIGTUR, KGEU appreciate your hard struggle towards to social justice through winning quality public services and working class power and we will fight together in solidarity.


Once again, I express my apology for not being with you and hope success of your national congress through great discussion.


Thank you.


June. 24. 2013


In solidarity

President Kim, Jungnam 

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