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[23 Aug. 2010]Solidarity message to NEHAWU in South Africa
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Solidarity letter to NEHAWU from KGEU

Monday, 23 August, 2010


KGEU supports public sector workers' indefinite strike and the NEHAWU's decision to join the strike in South Africa!


We, the Korean Government Employees' Union, as a representative of 1,000,000 government employees, send public sector strike our supports in South Africa. Also, NEHAWU's participation to strike aroused a big inspiration and confidence to the Korean government employees, which have been struggling against Lee Administration's repression.


It is a minimum and a fair demand of public sector workers that to 8.6% wage increase and R1000 monthly housing allowance for living like a human being. The demand is an essential element to provide quality public services to ordinary citizens as well.

The demand to 8.6% wage increase is just 1% wage increase considering inflation. Nevertheless, it is brazen that the South African government blatantly refusal to talk and deceit public sector workers. We, the members of KGEU, are indignant along with public sector workers to the South African government's behavior.


The South African government has distorted that public sector workers?demand to wage increase could cause inflation and serious damages to economy. However, the rate of the government budget that has been using to give workers' wage increase and to improve working conditions is not so high at all. As far as that goes, the cost for hosting 2010 FIFA World Cup is over 6 times as much as that to pay for public sector workers. This is the matter of priority. It is actually a matter of government's decision whether they spend money for improvement of public sector workers?treatment or for the rich and few companies.


Now the world has been suffering from an economic crisis and intensified inequality. It is the problem not caused by providing more jobs and better wage to the workers, but by deregulation and tax reduction for giving more profit to capital. Moreover, the reality is that every country has been making much easier to lay off workers for guarantee more profit to capital and attacking lots of rights of trade unions.


It is a part of struggle against the wrong Neo-liberalism, which carried out by many governments, what is happening in South Africa now to come out on indefinite strike of public sector workers including members of NEHAWU. Furthermore, this strike is not only for improvement of public sector workers in South Africa, but also for all the people in the world to move forward better world.


All Korean workers including government employees of KGEU send great support and solidarity to the South African public sector workers?strike. We will assist and be together as much as possible.

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