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Solidarity message to UNISON (Nov. 30 industrial action)
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We support UK public sector workers’ struggle for pensions justice



The Korean Government Employees’ Union (KGEU, President Mr. Yang, Sungyun) extends our unequivocal support to EU public sector workers against shift responsibility of global crisis on people, especially three millions workers from UK including UNISON strike over pension cuts. 



Korean government had promoted pension schemes change focus on increasing workers’ superannuation and reduction smaller pension when workers’ retire. On this, Korean public sector workers had been fighting such as 50,000 union members took part in mass rally in 2008.

Nevertheless our struggle, Korean government distorted gut issue by attacking on trade union through propaganda that public sector workers’ struggle is all about defending their own interests, and government passed the bill in 2009.  



We all know that public sector workers’ pension schemes has to be solved by negotiation process between government as employer and trade union with sound alternative proposals from experience in Korea. However, UK government has been frustrating public sector workers’ struggle against unfairness of the proposed changes and furthermore government has been failing to ensure decent life of many workers by a two-year wage freeze.  



We are well aware of failure of austerity measures approach by the IMF and the World Bank as a solution to come over global crisis. Governments in many countries must recognise that quality of lives of workers and people have been falling into by attacking on trade union rights, cuts in staff, wages and pensions and public spending cuts.   



The Korean Government Employees’ Union stands in solidarity with all the UK trade unions including UNISON taking part in the day of action on 30 November as always. KGEU will strongly fight against global austerity measures to ensure decent lives and human rights of all. 



Korean Government Employees Union


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