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[Sep. 1, ICFTU Protest letter] Police use force to close down KGEU offices
date : 2006/10/04 hit : 6132

H.E. Mr Roh Moo-hyun
President of the Republic,
Blue House,
Republic of Korea

By fax: + 82-2-770-1690

TUR/JS                                                                                                               1 September 2006

Dear Mr. President,

Police use force to close down KGEU offices

On behalf of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), representing 155 million workers in 154 countries and territories including Korea, I would like to protest strongly against the violent crack down on the KGEU.

In March, the Ministry of Government and Home Affairs (MOGAHA) issued the very repressive Directive to Promote the Transformation of Illegal Organisations into Legal Trade Unions, according to which local authorities were ordered to pressure members of the KGEU to leave the union, for example by demotions, or even by approaching the family members of employees who belonged to the union.

The local authorities have now been instructed to enforce this directive by a new directive of 3rd of August which has resulted in an intensified campaign by the police throughout the country to close down KGEU offices by use of force.

The ICFTU condemns these serious violations of the principle of freedom of association, and finds it offensive that the government chooses to intensify its campaign against the KGEU at the very time when the ILO Asia Regional Meeting is taking place in Korea to improve industrial relations in the region. This shows a lack of respect for the ILO and the fundamental principles on which this institution is built.

 The ICFTU urges your government to respect the fundamental principles of the international organizations of which Korea is a member and end its repressive campaign against the KGEU immediately. It also encloses a statement issued by the Workers’ Group of the ILO 14th Asia Regional meeting, equally condemning the actions of your government and highlighting the various ways in which it breeches these fundamental principles.

                                                                                           Yours sincerely,

Guy Ryder
General Secretary

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